I want to write a poem that describes sex in terms of negation. For instance, I might say that I don’t want to have intercourse because it sounds too much like something that gets quickly slipped in between the entrĂ©e and desert. I want to make heavy use of anaphora, to build up pressure, and to reflect the repetition of the act itself. I want to use shorter lines than is typical for me in order to make the poem move quickly, although I might occasionally intersperse a longer line to build anticipation. I also want to use a significant level of enjambment, especially on the longer lines, to reflect the delayed gratification that exists in my ideal sexual act. Some other ideas or memes that I think might fit within this schema are that making love is too constructed, that having sex is too consumptive, and that fucking is too vulgar. I might or might not have a final stanza in which I picture the product of all that negation. I think that I have a good line on which to end each negative stanza: “Sex should stink,” a sort of chorus. Finally, I would not use that line on any positive stanzas. In fact, I might alternate negative and positive stanzas, using the same euphemism for one of each, i.e., “I don’t want to make love to you– I want to make love to you.” Anyway, I’d like to do something along these lines.

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