Well, we have working category pages and comments. I’ve done what I said I wouldn’t and played a little bit with the layout of the site, plus I’ve written some javascript to make the category pages more manageable.

I’ve launched a second Blog which will be devoted to disseminating great works of authors that are in the public domain. The new blog is called “Free Text” and you can find it here. Check it out.

Please feel free to post comments to any of the posts you find here. Comments are unmoderated, so let your true feelings show. Thanks

I’ve been posting mostly new work to this blog, but have begun to add a few things here and there from my portfolio as I have time, especially literary criticism. If that’s not your bag, its a good thing you can go directly to my poetry page at http://www.allauthors.com/poetry.html or to my fiction page at http://www.allauthors.com/fiction.html. Instead of looking at all the crazy stuff on this homepage. Enjoy.

One thought on “Site Update

  1. Robert,
    Hi! It’s Jani. Wow. Loved the poetry. I haven’t read it all – just cruising through. And the rest of your author site! I will make a point to come back and read more. Never got the group going but have spoken to a prof about it. Will you email me at jkshuttlesworth@comcast.net about my webpages? Are they still there at allauthors.com? I’m using Blogger.com for Murray’s class and have just gotten started blogging.
    Congrats! Tim Morris has you linked! – and your site looks great!

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