John Tomich was an Elf, as broad as he was merry. He loved to stuff himself on fruit and nut and berry.

He loved to tell a joke; he loved to laugh, and loudly. The other elves would choke while he cavorted proudly. His friends all got incensed at John’s uncultured actions, made plans, conspired against poor John for his infractions. The fairy world, ashamed of such a comic member, in horror all proclaimed “No human must remember.” They took him out to sea within a boat of cedar. He did not try to flee, for he was no mind reader. His foes were lithe and pale, while John was stout and ruddy. They manned the silver sail, but John stayed in the cuddy. His friends all took a vote, and one crept on him silent, and threw him from the boat in manner, quick and violent. I mourn the jolly lad, whose name was once John Tomich. The fairy world is sad, and he was respite, comic. The elves would be dismayed to know of what I’ve written. With one whom they betrayed, the whole world now is smitten.

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