A few Double Dactyls for your reading pleasure. They’re hiding… Can you find them? Come out, come out, wherever you are … Please note, the following verse is childish, silly, and sometimes ascerbic. It’s the type of stuff you might expect to find on a bathroom wall, really. Enter at your own risk and

Beware of Doggerel

Wearyin’ Spearean
Thomas E. Porter was
Lecturing Shakespeare to
Students with gall:
Half of them slept while just
One writing poetry
Captured it all.

Apery Japery
David D. Silva was
Teaching linguistics by
Playing a tape.
They can communicate
Scientists claimed as they
Signed at an ape.

Narrowly Arrowly Archery teacher
Ms. Maxwell was watching as
All the class shot.
Students shot bulls-eyes with
Striking consistency,
Errorless. Not!

Serenade Masquerade
Ms. Manning teaches her
Poetry patiently but is betrayed.
She’ll fail them all cause they
Can’t tag Aubade.

Languages Anguishes
Sandra Wise speaks in a
Language that none of her
Students can grasp.
So though she lectures them
All that they hear is an
gravelly rasp.

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