Check out my updated links! Lots of good lit mags. Got a lit mag you think I should list. Send me the link and tell me why.

Also, the University of British Columbia has listed me (along with some other blogs) as an example of “lit-cultural weblogs”. Pretty neat.

4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Robert, Hi–
    I think this being listed along with other sites of note & erudition is quite nice and well deserved–a tribute to your hard work and intellectual curiousity. Congratulations!

  2. um–what a tanktop webblog we wean (cf., *what a tangled web we weave… *): on orientation of these blog entries, and my referent, “above,” which actually is below: well, the misspelt critter spoken of–it should be ammended–is really *below,* not “above.” 🙂 (this is my last attempt to straighten any of this meandering out, honest!).

  3. Sorry for the confusion Chris, I’ve fixed the setting that caused comments to post in descending instead of ascending order as expected. Thanks for the congrats.

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