I think all heartfelt love poetry, composed in the moment and to a real lover, is probably pretty cheesy. I know for certain that mine is. All the technique and craft I normally hope to employ are right out the window. Nevertheless, here’s a cheesy, heartfelt love poem composed for my wife on Valentine’s Day.

Argument To His Lover on Valentine’s Day

I’ve seen you self-destruct and seen you win
Your way past snags Odysseus would rue.
I’ve seen you, with your clothing all askew,
Stare down an erring kid, and finally, when
They sat in meek submission, seen you grin
In pardon, turning pique to cheer in two
Quick seconds. All the things I’ve seen you do
Seem meaningless the moment I begin
To contemplate your physical perfection
Which I know that you would argue is fictitious.
Your face would make the very form of face
Blush to be compared to your reflection.
To argue with me surely would be vicious
So shut up and wrap me in my Love’s embrace.

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