4 thoughts on “Typo’s

  1. Does your hint say everything IS or WAS or HAS sweetness and light??? (tee hee)

  2. Jhana Nin!!!!
    I’m so glad to hear from you. Are you gonna be coming out to the poetry group anytime soon? This Saturday there’s a big reading at UTA at 7PM Saturday. I’m planning on going to the group at 5 and then over to the reading later. Is/Has/Was–not important to the nature of the clue. Here’s a second hint, since I’m sure Eileen has gotten a third correct response by now: 
    Everything “is made sweet” ness and light. 

  3. Helllooo Robert! Glad to be home! Yes, I see all the wonderful things you are doing with the poetry group and am planning to be joining ya’ll soon!
    I GOT IT! …as in “pass some of that sweetness to your girl, you jerk!” Oh, and my other finding was from the paragraph above the poem (snigger!).
    See ya!

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