I’ve always felt that there was an intrinsic connection between poetry and code.  The more I engage the blogging community, the more I find it to be true.  I therefore am proud to procaim myself, in the tradition of YAPH, JAPH, etc., YAPP, (Yet Another Programmer Poet).  Joined by the likes of Mike Snider , Michael Helsem (Gray Wyvern), and Chris Lott, the YAPP community appears to lean towards formalism, though such a statement is sure to be immediately contradicted by the discovery of a YAPP who is firmly ensconced in the avant garde (though I might argue that new formalism is, in fact, the new avant garde [you’ll need a subscription to the OED to use the link]). 

Now it might be fun to explore the connections between the fields and to theorize as to reasons for the formalism of YAPPs.  It might also be fun to point to places like The Poetry of Programming and Programming As Poetry and Perl Poetry.  I might even reprint my own attempt at a perl poem:


#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
# Turn on warn so that errors won’t trouble ya.
use strict if ( ! $AQuickHack );
# Keeps your program both safe and on track
$program =~ s/local/my/ if ( $version >= “Perl 5” )
&& print “Now you’re not a Perl quack!”;
First published on Perl Monks at Tips. (Of course its not really poetry, just a bit of light verse or doggerel, but go to the link and look around occasionally something beyond the banal slips into the stream over there.)

On the other hand, I might not have time, and so I might just leave it all alone for another day, as it seems I’m always doing when it comes to my blog these days.

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