Smoke curls
            up from empty
     words.  I burn
a page for you and
   incense like, it
               wafts up through
                      the air, particulate and
                                          grey like
                               you, not like
                        the ink that every day
                     I spilled like
         blood only to see you
                           laughed without
                                            a smidge of human-like
                                  concern in the way your eyes
                          met mine and turned away.
                                  You stalked off to
                                           the kitchen, asked again
                      for food or milk or something; gauging
               you is difficult.
                           Perhaps your age or mine’s
                 the barrier.  Although
                            you’re masked by onyx eyes
                                and pointed ears and fur, it can’t be that
                                             your feline incarnation could be
                                                      the cause of all my lives’

The above sonnet employs a nonce rhyme-scheme of abccbaabccbadd.  After composing the sonnet as usual, I began to look for ways to break up the lines and change the wording so as to allow for doubling of meaning, abiguity, and intensification.  In the process I found the opportunity to create an additional aspect in the concreteness (visually) of the textual arrangement. It was created rather off the cuff because I saw I hadn’t posted in a very long while and wanted to put something original up, and it is a little too abstract even now, for my taste, but I enjoyed the diffusion and the layering of meaning that the self-developed workshopping allowed me to achieve.  Now if I can just do the same with something a little more concrete (memetically).


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