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Vine tendril seeking the light

Dissatisfied with the Alexandrine couplets I had written and making use of some suggestions from <a href=" have a peek here.html”>Tim Morris, I started over, and came up with the following Sonnet in Alexandrines.



A wicker basket tries to hold the plant upright,
But calling to the sun, it stretches for the door.
It’s leaves drag on the tile as it gasps and fights
For the fresh air seeping in, then, as it was before,
It’s motionless and still as people pass it by.
Although I see the slant its efforts have produced,
I wonder if it will have the strength for one more try,
And would it be my place to give it a small boost.
It seems so out of place and yet so apropos
It’s immobility a curse it cannot fight,
It struggles on despite the fact it cannot go;
And go it does or seems to, a little to the right–
So closer to the sun, so closer to the door
But when I blink it’s back to where it was before.

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