There is a great write-up about Halloween by a former occultist/pagan at Pennie Renewed which my friend Terry Ghiselli shared on facebook the other day. I agree with many of her points, though I think she goes farther than I would care to in rejecting it wholesale and without qualification (though I understand why she would, especially with where she is coming from).

I believe that God can redeem anything, including formerly pagan symbols (after all, they were God’s creation first). In fact, I agree in many ways with the sentiment expressed by Catholic apologist Rod Bennet in his Christian defense of Halloween regarding both enculturation AND God’s ability to redeem formerly pagan symbols.

On the other hand, someone who claims a Christian defense of Halloween, and publicly proclaims himself willing to be called a Knight in service of Satan (not denying the label, but apparently accepting it) such as Earl Capps seems to go beyond the pale, especially when his argument seems to consist of “I like it, and I don’t like people who tell me it’s bad.”

Then again, he references James B. Jordan’s Concerning Halloween, which seems to me to be the most internally consistent, well reasoned, and doctrinally sound defense of Halloween that I have seen (though his apparent complete rejection of the pagan origins of many of the symbols and/or practices seems to me to go further than the evidence would bear).

All of this reading brought to mind my own rant against Halloween from some years back in which I also proposed some possibilities for redeeming the day.

So I thought this October 30st, that I’d link back to that old post and see if it might spark further discussion.

In any case, my children will once again not be dressing up and “trick-or-treating” this year, nor will we be condoning by our attendance or support anything which smacks of accepting this still (in my view) very pagan holiday.

If you are a Christian and you are “celebrating” Halloween this year (or allowing your children to), I’d love to hear exactly what you are celebrating, how you are doing so, and (regardless of your reasoning) should we meet outside the blogosphere, I would have no problem in extending to you the hand of friendship and brotherhood (or even greeting you with a Holy kiss), even if I disagree with your practice in this case.

Let us continue to take thought of how to spur one another on to love and good works,


One thought on “All Hallows Eve? I think not

  1. We are participating in Halloween. It’s an opportunity to play dress up and eat candy. It’s a special day where even some adults get dressed up and have fun. The kids love it. There is nothing religious about it for our family.


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